Beyonce’s Instagram Posts Are Insanely Powerful, Just Like Everything Else She Does

Beyonce is influential. This is not news to anyone. What is more interesting, but not all that surprising, is the revelation that Queen Bey is the highest value influencer on social media. According to a survey conducted by D’Marie Analytics, which tracks social media reach, Beyonce’s Instagram post’s are worth a staggering $1,000,000 per shot.

The analytics organization didn’t just run through the follower count to arrive at their findings either. If they did, Beyonce would only rank at No. 18 behind Rihanna, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian. They measured her impact using an array of 56 metrics across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Number of followers played into their determination, but so did things like click-through and general engagement.

“It’s divine to see an individual who rarely uses her social media to publish anything but authentic, non-branded content actually become the most valued individual on social media for advertisers,” D’Marie CEO Frank Spadafora said “In fact, I believe it’s due to her limited release of exclusive, curated content which causes such a frenzy from her audience. It’s actually a great lesson for all those over-saturating their feeds with branded, unentertaining or thoughtless content just to stay in front of their audience and appear relevant. These days, less really is more.”

Beyonce’s “authentic, non-branded content” has drawn even more eyeballs lately thanks to her ongoing pregnancy with twins. Most of the shots she’s posted recently are totally devoid of clunky product placement, but are completely filled with elegance, style and grace. Check out some of her best posts below.