A Local News Anchor In New Orleans Perfectly Channeled Beyonce For Her Mardi Gras Costume

Sheba Turk is a local news anchor in New Orleans for WWL-TV Morning News — but today, she’s Beyonce. That’s right, to celebrate the city’s infamous Mardi Gras holiday the news anchor decided to channel Bey’s heavenly Grammy performance costume, and she completely nailed it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

She’s got the glorious, full-length dress with golden filigree, a custom golden headpiece, all the thick gold jewelry, and a pregnant belly to simulate Beyonce’s current status, carrying twins. See above, and further side-by-side comparison below to get the full extent of her costume’s golden glory:

Her costume is so on point that she’s currently trending on Twitter in New Orleans:

Here’s a couple more of her out in the New Orleans streets and posing with other costumed Mardi Gras participants:

Even if Beyonce lost the Grammy for Album Of The Year — which we all, including Adele, know she deserved — even after performing while pregnant, at least we can make one thing clear today: Sheba Turk won Mardi Gras. Respect that, bow down. Here’s hoping that Beyonce gets a glimpse of Turk’s costume and it brings her some joy. Obviously, the rest of the Beyhive is going to have a field day when they see it.