Beyonce Might’ve Given The Beyhive A Signal About The Gender Of Her Twins

It’s hard to imagine a more diligent fan base than Beyonce’s. So when the Lemonade singer posted a round of images to her official website featuring herself in a black, long sleeved, short dress with over the knee boots, pregnant as the day is long, posing as if she were about to go out to the club, it quickly got people talking. Some likened it to Thanksgiving night, while others in the Beyhive, who find any dispatch from the queen riddled with encoded messages, saw it as a wink at the biological genders of her children.

You see, there was one element to her ensemble that some people keyed into immediately; the star’s earrings. For those who pore over every detail of Beyonce’s life, the earrings brought back memories of her “If I Were A Boy video, released back in 2008 where Beyonce rocked similar set. The coincidence led many to believe that she was subtly hinting that she is expecting twins boys. And while that may seem like a small detail, let’s remember that the multi-hyphenate takes coincidences very seriously.

For what it’s worth, Jay Z rapped about the children’s possible genders on “Shining,” the DJ Khaled track that also features his wife. Though he spit a few lines about how overjoyed and ostentatious he would be, he went on to say “I want a boy and girl, I fight for truth / whatever God give me, I’m cool.”

Check out some of the better reactions to Beyonce’s jewelry selection below.