Blood Orange’s Three-Part Video Will Remind You How Great ‘Freetown Sound’ Was

Blood Orange just dropped a three music video suite from his excellent album Freetown Sound. The nine-minute clip features visuals for “With Him,” “Better Numb” and the standout single “Best To You.”

The three clips — directed by Devonté Hynes and Luke Guilford and edited down by Hynes — show the producer and singer running through Los Angeles and dancing in an empty auditorium. Overall, they keep up the arty, theater-adjacent vibe of Hynes’ previous Freetown Sound cuts like the videos for “I Know” and “Better Than Me.” Several scenes keep up the crisp and stark vibe of Hynes’ excellent Sandra Bland tribute video “Sandra’s Smile.”

What I’m saying is Hynes is definitely developing a house style, but it’s beautiful and arresting every time so a little bit of repetition is no problem. If you’re out there keeping score, Dev makes excellent songs for himself and others and then turns those songs into compelling visual art on his own. There’s very little he can’t do as a producer, arranger, and frontman.

Check out the three-song suite up top and stream Freetown Sound if you haven’t already. Even if it’s New Music Friday, to not know that album is being negligent with your own life.