Bobby Brackins’ Flirty New Single ‘Whiplash’ Is Summer Radio Ready

Singer/songwriter Bobby Brackins has played the background in the music game so far, penning some of R&B’s biggest hits, including DJ Khaled’s hit with Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper, “I’m The One,” Chris Brown’s “Loyal,” his own “143” which featured Ray J, Ty Dolla $ign’s “Saved”, and Tinashe’s “2 On,” as well as work with local West Coast stars like Mila J and G-Eazy but now, he’s ready to trade in his spot behind the boards for one in front of the mic with a new single made for strong radio rotation, “Whiplash.”

Fans of the aforementioned songs may recognize touches of his writing style here, as he find a laid-back pocket in the uptempo beat by Nic Nac and DaviDior to sing the praises of the “special girls you notice that have amazing mind body and spirits that can easily distract you and freeze time,” as he says in the press release for the song. The breezy vibe is perfect for summertime pool parties and late night kick backs, just like previous bangers “Faithful” and “My Jam.”

He also points out that he came to the decision to release the track in a circuitous, serendipitous manner. “I did an nstaI story about 3 months ago with the song playing in the background. Shortly thereafter, people started hitting me up asking what the song was. I always liked the song and listen to it a lot while I’m driving but after I had it in my Insta-story I felt the demand and that people would organically gravitate to it. Stephen Garnett hit me and asked for me to send him the song. Cleverly, he began making boomerangs with beautiful women and the song lyrics. Once I posted one of the boomerangs people got excited about the song and now it’s going to see the light of day.”

Check out the full track below.