ASAP Ferg And Buddy Celebrate All Things ‘Black’ On Their Intense New Single

In crafting their Black pride single, the aptly-titled “Black,” Buddy and ASAP Ferg may have inadvertently become the first rappers to advocate for Ferg’s verse, consisting of such self-love boasts as “”Hair blacker than black lips black/Even my dick black” before shouting out his grandfather’s Irish and Trinidadian heritage and shouting out the popular genealogy site.

While rattling off all the various metaphorical and literal ways they praise their own Blackness, the Compton native and the Harlem ASAP Mob member cover familiar ground like revolutionary figures, martyrs, and rebellion against authority over a heart-pounding, rattlesnake snare-shaking beat from Jahaan Sweet. Though it’s closer in sound to the type of beats Ferg raps over with his ASAP cohorts, Buddy sounds just as comfortable over the high-energy track, clipping his flow with every repeating instance of the word “black.”

Buddy’s been hard at work preparing his RCA Records debut album after releasing a pair of producer-focused EPs in 2017 named after the Los Angeles streets he’s spent the last decade residing on. While Ocean & Montana was an easygoing, soulful collection of breezy summertime cookout music, Magnolia was much more synthy and pop-friendly. However, judging from “Black,” his next project will be something we’ve never heard from him, which is pretty impressive considering he started his journey in hip-hop by signing to Pharrell Williams’ label. There’s no date on the expected release yet, but the excitement is sure to grow now that we’ve gotten a taste of his new musical direction.

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