Cam’ron Says He Knew About The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Bill O’Reilly Before They Broke

Cam’ron‘s contentious, hilarious interview with Bill O’Reilly is a huge moment in the history of rap, the internet and the rap internet. It spawned — or at least helped spread — the eternal comeback “You mad, bro?” and made O’Reilly look like an absolute fool at the hands of folks he was doing his best to demonize. So, who better to talk to now that The O’Reilly Factor is no more than Killa Cam? That’s what Noisey did and they found out that the Dipset head wasn’t just talking. He actually had dirt on this particular doggy.

Cam said that he was made aware of sexual assault allegations against the former Fox News host before the segment — a full 14 years before they would force O’Reilly out of his gig.

“As far as all of the sexual allegations — before I went up there, what I did was my publicist had told me about a lot of that stuff, but instead of being serious with him, we had so much fun clowning him that it just turned into a roast session and we just started laughing at him,” Cam’ron said.

The rapper added that had he known more about the allegations, he might have gone a more serious route with the host.

“I had a good time when I did it because I didn’t really know the background of him at that particular time,” he said. “Like I said, I probably was prepped an hour before I went to the show. It was more funny than anything else. But you know, sexual assault really isn’t funny, so if he really did those things, then it’s good that Fox got rid of him.”

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