Cam’ron Announces His New ‘Killa Pink’ Album, Which May Or May Not Actually Release Considering His History

07.11.16 3 years ago

Cam’ron says Killa Pink, his new album, is coming out in November, as he revealed in an episode of Complex’s Sneaker Shopping series. That sounds nice, right? Something to look forward to as the weather continues to get cold and forces us to pull out the pink furs. Well, it’s hard to believe anything Cam’ron says about his music career because he’s announced and shelved almost every project in the last few years.

“I got with Pantone,” Cam’ron explains. “I got my own pink, it’s called Killa Pink. In November, when I put out my new album, it’s called Killa Pink.”

Remember the Diplomats reunion album/mixtape? Federal Reserves with A-Trak? His retirement album Purple Haze 2 that was due out last summer? Even earlier this year we got news that Cam’ron and Bret Hart recorded some kind of weird album that we needed to hear regardless of how crazy the combo sounded. All of the aforementioned music sits on a hard drive, or maybe it was never even created.

I want to have faith in Cam’ron, I really do. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself. We’ve seen him reunite with Juelz Santana this year, so anything is possible.

To coincide with this album, Cam’ron and Reebok will be releasing their second collaboration together. “It’s going to be made with pony skin, with Killa Pink, also. So Nike can holla, or whoever can holla at me about using my color whenever they want. It’ll be the official pink. Anything else is fugazi.”

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