Cardi B Admits To ‘Chasing Hits’ As She Looks For A ‘Bodak Yellow’ Follow Up

Cardi B faces an unenviable task: she has to figure out how to followup the most successful song from a female rapper in nearly two decades. Cardi’s “Bodak Yellow” is one of the biggest songs of the year, massive enough to knock Taylor Swift out of the No. 1 spot on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart and turning Cardi into a bonafide superstar in one fell swoop. All of that success has put the pressure squarely on Cardi’s shoulders to somehow match that success and maybe even surpass it, and according to Cardi herself, she’s feeling the pressure.

In her cover story for Rolling Stone — which she called a dream come true — Cardi discussed the pressure, and chasing hits in order to live up to the hype of “Bodak” as she puts together her debut album. “It’s not as fun to do music, my mind doesn’t flow as free ’cause I have so much on my mind,” she said while admitting it’s becoming harder to come up with songs. “It’s so sad to say, and I don’t want to be the one to say it, but you gotta follow the trend. This generation loves to get high. They love to be on drugs. This is why they on that shit: They don’t want to think about what you’re saying.”

Even with most of her story told already, the story is a revealing look at the life of Cardi, past, present and future. She details how she got her start rapping by rewriting Beyonce songs “waaay sluttier,” discusses her relationship with Offset and the possibility of having kids one day and at one point even screams about her vagina “burnin’ like a Mexican taco!” due to some hotel soap that didn’t agree with her skin. Like most things Cardi B, it’s an entertaining look at music’s newest and brightest star of the moment.

Check out Cardi’s cover story for the November issue of Rolling Stone here.