A Breakdown Of Cardi B’s Tumultous Weekend, Including Why She Was Kicked Out Of Her Hotel

Currently reigning queen of rap, Cardi B, had one wild, tumultuous, and stressful weekend. Starting with the above video, in which she laments the loss of a favorite purple blanket, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper broke up with boyfriend Offset of the Migos, got kicked out of her Albany, New York Hilton hotel due to what she calls racism, and reconciled with Offset — all in the span of 72 hours.

The incident in which she was kicked out of the hotel sent her to Instagram to blast the hotel she stayed in for what she calls racist prejudice. Apparently, the hotel called the Albany police due to her floor “smelling like weed,” but when police arrived, they were unable to find any evidence of illicit substances. Cardi, meanwhile, maintains that she does not partake of the Devil’s lettuce, claiming that it makes her too paranoid, while no other members of her team do either out of deference to her. She was also apparently in bed, sleeping off an illness in preparation for upcoming shows.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Albany PD’s explanation is as follows:

The hotel’s manager called cops around 1 AM to report a party on the 2nd floor, plus a smell of weed. We’re told hotel staff had gone up and asked Cardi’s team to leave, and when cops showed, they were packing their bags to exit. However, the PIO says no evidence pointed to the weed coming from anyone in Cardi’s camp, but they left regardless. That’s when Cardi was woken up and asked to join them, causing her outburst in the lobby. We’re told no one was arrested, and that Albany PD denies allegations of racism.

“I don’t wanna be the one to pull the race card,” Cardi expounded in her Instagram rant, “but, like, that is the only explanation that I could f*cking find,’ for being singled out by the hotel. She and her group were the only ones, she says, on a floor with all “Caucasians.” She later deleted the post, but everything lives forever on the internet.