Cardi B And Offset Are Officially Engaged — For Real This Time

It’s official this time, Cardi B and Offset of Migos are officially engaged. While the couple was previously rumored to be engaged, Cardi swiftly shut down the rumors, saying that when she was finally ready, it would happen. Well, it looks like she — and Offset — are ready now. After a tumultuous weekend that had them break up and get back together, Offset popped the question in a setting that leaves absolutely no doubt.

At Powerhouse Philly, Offset got down on his knee onstage during the couple’s shared set and proposed in front of the sold-out crowd and Cardi accepted. The two have been an item since the beginning of this year, just before Cardi B began the run that would eventually lead her to own the No. 1 record in the country. Now the pair has come full circle; their new collaboration “Motor Sport” blew up on social media after they premiered the track at Powerhouse New York, and now they’ve wowed rap fans once again with the surprise proposal.

This news certainly puts the cap on Cardi’s incredible 2017; after winning nearly every award available for her to win, she’s earned the love and support of practically all of hip-hop — before she even has an official album release. At this point, there’s no contest; Cardi B’s year is the best one a new artist has had in a long, long time.