Cardi B Wants You To Know Rich People Will Steal Your Charger And Lighter Too

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We’ve all been there, when you get to the end of a long night of drinks and chilling with friends and you realize that the lighter, or phone charger or aux cord you started the night with is just… gone. You know exactly what happened too, you lent it out to a friend and poof, it’s gone forever. Sometimes you’re the lender, sometimes you’re the lucky friend with a new lighter in the stash and the world keeps spinning. Well, Cardi B wants the whole world to know that it isn’t just us commoners that this happens to, nope, it’s the rich and famous as well.

“You guys want to know some real sh*t that I have learned?” Cardi said in one of her trademark, hilarious Instagram videos over the weekend. “I’ve been hanging a lot of people that is wealthy, that is rich, that is famous and one thing I learned about this people is — no matter how much money you have, no matter how big you are, how famous you are — they will still end up stealing your charger and your lighter.”

Now, Cardi with her monumental No. 1 smash “Bodak Yellow,” is one of those famous people now, so it applies to her as well, but I think if you look at this the right way and remember she met Beyonce at Made In America last month, she’s basically confirming that Beyonce stole her lighter and charger. Right? Yup, Beyonce, lighter stealer confirmed.

Real shit

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