Chance The Rapper Teases A Boisterous Gospel Rendition Of The ‘All That’ Theme Song

Getty Image

Chance The Rapper’s hotly-anticipated debut “Owbum” is due out next month. Since announcing the project in February, the Chicago rapper has been peppering fans with song snippets, photos of himself working with famous friends in the studio, and more than a few Triller videos of him hitting “The Woah,” to the project’s first single “Groceries.”

On Monday, Chance shared a special song preview on Instagram. In another Triller video, Chance and a gang of his friends dance to what appears to a new rendition of the theme song for the ’90s, Nickelodeon sketch comedy series “All That.” In the clip, a choir of voices can be heard singing the song’s iconic refrain before Chance barges in with his characteristically staccato delivery, “Thirty minutes don’t touch that dial. Don’t interrupt right now / Tell mama fall back. Cause another ‘All That’ comin’ up right now.”

The “All That” theme was, of course, was originally performed by TLC. It’s unclear whether or not Chance’s reinterpretation will serve as the opening song for the upcoming reboot of the children’s program. However, according to an Instagram post by the comedian Vena E., who appeared in the Triller video with Chance, the Coloring Book rapper will, at the very least, be part of the soundtrack accompanying the show.

The new “All That” will premiere on Nickelodeon on June 15.