‘SNL’ Lets Chance The Rapper Skewer Batman’s Tough-On-Crime Tactics In His Thanksgiving-Themed Sketch

11.18.17 2 years ago

Chance The Rapper takes Batman’s “tough on crime” stance to task in a hilarious, Thanksgiving-themed sketch set in Bruce Wayne’s manor. Chance plays a Gotham City youth who questions Wayne about Batman’s tendency to visit the ‘hood and leave brothers hanging from their drawers from 30th-story gargoyles for minor offenses like jaywalking and littering. As other participants in the Wayne Thanksgiving dinner giveaway overhear his complaints, they join in, lamenting Batman’s heavy-handed tactics and threatening to burn down his Batcave, prompting outbursts of protests from Wayne, who risks revealing his secret identity a few times before the small mob leaves to help Joker with his next plot.

Chance co-wrote three SNL sketches, one along with Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, and gave a hilarious preview of his comedic acting chops in the promos for tonight’s episode with Eminem and Leslie Jones, who tried to find a clever new name for the young Chicago rap star. It was the first time Chance the Rapper was able to meet his fellow Midwesterner MC, who also performed his latest singles from his upcoming album, Revival.

Tonight’s hosting gig extends Chance’s ever-expanding resume, which includes political activism and an upcoming role in comedy-horror film Slice.

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