Chance The Rapper Says He Has A Plan To Save Soundcloud

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Can Chance The Rapper really save Soundcloud?

He certainly seems to think so, from the cryptic tweet he sent this morning. The task seems daunting; when news broke recently that the floundering streaming service was shuttering offices in San Francisco and London and laying off 173 employees in an effort to save money, things looked bad, but with reports surfacing today that the company would only survive on its current cash reserves for another 52 days saying “things went from bad to worse” feels like an understatement.

Still, he says he’s “working” on it:

Meanwhile, the Chicago rapper, who has been honored by former First Lady Michelle Obama for his humanitarian efforts and charitable works which include donating $1 million to Chicago schools and taking local government to task over the deplorable current state of the Illinois education system, might be the last person anyone would expect to have a business plan in place to save the struggling Soundcloud, but his incredible success as an independent artist in the streaming era suggest a strong business acumen that just might be what the doctor ordered. As long it isn’t Dr. Dre — the two may not be on such great terms these days.

Chance has at least generated interest in what his next move might be. Only time will tell if he can follow through, but the dreams of thousands of “next-Chance-the-Rapper-style” indie hopefuls might be riding on the kid from Chicago’s 79th Street.