Chance The Rapper Is Teasing Tour Dates After An ‘Owbum’ Drop, And Fans Think New Music Is Coming Soon

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Chance The Rapper has been busy with the announcements lately. Last week, he announced that he was having his second child with wife Kristen Corley, announced a new album coming in July last month, and took to Twitter to tease some tour dates today.

He essentially copy and pasted this message teasing an “owbum” and then listing New York, Atlanta, LA, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, St. Louis, and Miami as cities he already has booked for tours. He went so far as to say that he has a full festival in Chicago, his hometown, coming. This would be Chance’s first major project since Coloring Book dropped in 2016.

We can speculate the difference between concert, show, performance, and festival but that won’t lead us anywhere. What we do know is there’s quite obviously a new album coming out in the near future as confirmed by manager Pat Corcoran on Twitter. If this “owbum” is still on track, we can likely expect an album to drop July 5, July 12, July 19, or July 26 as albums typically drop on Fridays.

Could we be getting a new single, soon? Some fans think so. It’s definitely possible that Chance starts a roll-out process for the upcoming album, but with the way artists drop these days, we may see multiple songs coming out soon. What do you think Chance is trying to tell us? Let us know in the comments below.