Danny Brown’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Track ‘Kool Aid’ Is As Hyperactive As He Is

05.11.17 11 months ago

HBO’s Silicon Valley has mastered the art of irreverent comedy with on the nose musical supervision. With the show’s popularity at an all-time high, HBO & Mass Appeal Records have teamed up to create an official soundtrack for the show. Due out on June 23rd, Silicon Valley (Music From The HBO Original Series) features Nas, OG Swaggerdick, DJ Shadow, Danny Brown and more. Speaking of the Detroit XXX rhymer, his contribution to the soundtrack in “Kool Aid” has surfaced and it is about as spritely and hyperactive as he is.

“Get up out my mix, get up out my Kool Aid,” he raps on the songs’ chorus before diving head first into classic Danny isms such as vaginal smells, being annoyed by pocket watchers and more. The bouncy, at times slippery track picks up with up and down synths, occasional blips, an island keyboard melody, repetitive snares and Brown’s voice carrying the entire show like a pied piper. “I can’t feel my face now / But I feel that bass now,” he continues. “I feel they lookin’ like Mase now / Touch and tease like Case now / Gon’ head just break it down…” It wouldn’t be Danny Brown unless the Atrocity Exhibition rapper gave life advice in one of the more surreal ways you could receive it.

Hear Brown’s contribution to the soundtrack above. Silicon Valley fans can catch “Kool Aid” during the May 14 episode titled “Teambuilding Exercise.”

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