Dave East Is Back In His Harlem Comfort Zone For The ’30 N***az’ Video

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Dave East may have turned in one of the best rap albums of 2016 a few months ago, but he’s not letting the success of Kairi Chanel make him complacent. Instead he’s still grinding, churning out material from that album as well as new tracks to keep his fans satisfied while he prepares his true debut album. After bringing in the new year with an EastMix of the classic D’Angelo track “Lady” he’s reaching back to Kairi Chanel for a new video for the standout “30 N***az.”

After flexing his acting chops in his Being Mary Jane cameo, Dave is back in his comfort zone in Harlem, chilling with friends, rolling up and doing general rap video things. The hypnotic instrumental gives the former hoop star plenty of room to jolt through a smooth flow for two boastful verses and a simple but effective chorus.

It’s another addition to an already stuffed resume for the 28-year-old MC, and as he prepares his debut for Def Jam — hopefully this year — the song and video are just the latest pieces of evidence that the talented Harlem native is just getting started. With All-Star Weekend just around the corner, maybe it’s finally time for the former D1 hooper to show of his talent in that game on the national stage as well. We shall see.

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