DJ Khaled Snapchatted The Birth Of His Son And It Was Incredible

New kid alert! DJ Khaled proved his life is very much the hip-hop version of The Truman Show by Snapchatting the birth of his son on Saturday. The hitmaker took fans through the process via a countless amount of clips, that when added together, total 10 minutes of incredible footage.

The Major Key icon documented the birth starting from his wife’s water breaking to her contractions to the actual pushing and then delivery. What a time! While filming, a visibly emotional Khaled admitted his “nerves were bad” and that he felt stressed out by the fact that his son had yet to arrive. Apparently, Khaled thought “as soon as the water breaks and the queen gets contractions then the icon comes out.” Lulz, no sir. If only it were that easy. “[She] has hours,” their doctor informed him.

And because music is such an integral part of his life, Khaled kept the delivery room rocking with an eclectic mix of tunes, playing everything from reggae music to Islamic music, and of course, his own damn album. Seriously. He literally went from an Islamic call to worship song straight to “I got the keys, the keys, the keys.” Amazing.

The DJ Khaled Playlist For When Your Wife Is In Labor

Buju Banton — “Our Father In Zion”
Buju Banton — “Hills and Valleys”
Sizzla — “Praise Ye Jah”
Simtech X — “Sarajevo Azaan”
Garnett Silk — “Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders”
Garnett Silk — “Lion Heart”
Michael Jackson — “Human Nature”
Lauryn Hill — “Zion”
Adhane & Prayer Call — “Islam Calls You”
Buju Banton — “Wanna Be Loved”
Buju Banton –” Give I Strength”
DJ Khaled Ft Jay Z & Future — “I Got The Keys”
DJ Khaled Ft Nas — “Nas Album Done”
DJ Khaled Ft Drake — “For Free”

Special shoutout to Khaled’s queen, though. Pretty sure I’d murder my husband if he were Snapchatting away and having a full on photoshoot while I pushed his big headed baby out of my body.

WARNING: Graphic Content