DJ Quik And Problem Reinvented Summer Cruising Music On ‘Rosecrans’

05.02.17 2 years ago

In Quik’s own words, Rosecrans is: “a long ass avenue that goes from the beach to the streets / And it probably ain’t got no potholes in it.” The funny thing is, that sentence perfectly describes his new album Rosecrans too.

The recently-released collaboration between Compton products DJ Quik and Problem constitutes one long ass groove that will certainly get you all the way from West Rancho Dominguez to Manhattan Beach and back. If you’re on one of LA’s notorious freeways and the right song from this chunky, loose, laid-back, end-to-end jam session comes on at the wrong moment, you might just drive right on by your exit and keep going ‘til you run out gas — unless you’re riding with your day ones and they have taps on the Petro (that’s old school LA lingo, if you don’t know).

On paper, it makes sense; two of the most popular and versatile artists from two generations of the same city’s storied rap legacy coming together to make some old-school G-funk that slaps just as hard on 2017 as it would in 1997. In your ears, it’s a mind-expanding, whirling, swirling fantastic voyage that takes you from the deepest, fattest basslines to the clearest, clapping snares with that signature sound that could have only come from the Hub City’s sharpest production mind.

While many know Quik from way, way back, with slappers like “You’z a Gangsta,” “Way Too Fonky,” and Tony Toni Tone’s masterpiece dancefloor melter “Let’s Get Down,” never, ever, ever, ever, ever let it be said (*extremely Smokey from Friday voice*) that Quik’s pen has slacked up in the nearly three decades he’s held court as the premier rapper-producer and hometown legend that he is. From debut Quik Is The Name to 2014’s The Midnight Life, he’s accumulated one of the longest, strongest discographies in the game — albeit one that’s been largely overlooked by rap’s mostly NY-based, mainstream establishment.

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