DNCE And Nicki Minaj Bust Out The Moves In The Retro ’70s ‘Kissing Strangers’ Video

The Joe Jonas-fronted group DNCE recently released a brand new single “Kissing Strangers,” their first in the wake of the release of their debut, self-titled album last year. Today, the group decided to share the funky, high-energy video as well. Directed by Marc Klasfeld, the clip opens with a shot of Jonas leaning back in his bed with a pair of oversized headphones covering his ears. He closes his eyes and the scene eventually flips to a raucous ’70s dance party, filled with a whole lot of spin the bottle going on.

Midway through, Nicki Minaj rolls in to bring her guest verse to life. Clad in her vintage best, including a fantastic floppy hat, the Queen of Queens takes over the party by jumping onstage, grabbing hold of the microphone and nearly locking lips with Jonas as the rest of the band rages behind him.

Minaj’s words marry perfectly with the lip-locking theme of the song in general. “I got a boy that I kinda like / This is a kiss-kiss, tongue him down kind of night / He got that uhm-uhm, heard he got that China white / He got that bomb, I think I’mma call him dynamite / I gotta lotta sons, I can show you all the sonograms / Me? I’m Jem, and these b*tches is the holograms / Me? I win and these b*tches just lose / They ships sink, but my ship is just cruise.”

Check out the fun and funky video for “Kissing Strangers” above.