Drake’s Billboard Music Awards Performance Is Going To Be Something ‘Spectacular’


Drake hasn’t performed on TV in almost two years; in that time, he’s dropped two projects, Views and More Life. Whether you loved or hated them, you have to admit that’s pretty impressive. But on a night when he’s nominated for 22 possible awards, including Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Rap Artist, and Top Rap Album (his obsession with British television crime drama Top Boy makes a lot of sense, eh?), of course he was going to pull out all the stops.

Billboard Music Awards’ executive producer Mark Bracco told Billboard, “We were talking with Drake’s people for months about doing the show. Obviously he then became the biggest nominee, and (we tried) to come up with something really different and unique and exciting and spectacular.”

He elaborated that, “We built a real terrific relationship with his team, working creatively with them and coming up with a big idea, and I think it’s gonna be a very, very big moment in the show. It’s not a surprise, necessarily, but it’s gonna be a moment that people aren’t exactly expecting. It’ll be memorable, I promise you that.”

Drake’s attention to detail and willingness to take musical risks makes this one to look out for on Sunday night’s show. With a penchant for collaboration, and a nose for exactly the sort of stories social media loves to run with, should fans be on the lookout for guest appearances, song debuts, album announcements, or all three? With Drake, love him or hate him, we’ll all just have to wait and see.