After ‘More Life,’ It’s Time For Pop Drake And Rap Drake To Make Separate Albums

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03.21.17 10 Comments

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Drake has done it again. On Saturday he kept his promise and delivered his playlist More Life. The 22-track project has quickly become polarizing, like all things Drake, and divided fans and detractors immediately. The numbers are coming in and they’re huge, of course, and no matter what, More Life will be labeled a success by Drizzy and his team once it starts breaking streaming records and collecting plaques.

Hate it or love it, Drake’s latest project leaves no confusion, he’s now a man of many hats and he wears them all, never quite fusing the sounds but hopping between all of them. But for his fans, this could actually pose a problem, particularly for rap fans who may not be as drawn to his pop sound as the rest of the world.

While some may view Drake’s labeling More Life a playlist as an escape of the critical scrutiny ascribed to albums in lieu of the liberties given when an artists drops a leisurely mixtape, but that’s probably not the case. Designating it a “playlist” simply gives him the freedom to release a non-cohesive, scatter plot of an album, where he essentially threw all his darts at the board at the same time looking to cover as much ground as possible. This might work well in the streaming era to boost his numbers, but as the critical reaction to both Views and this new project — call it whatever you want — reveals, it’s not as effective when it comes to album-making.

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