Watch Drake Ride Through The Airport On What Looks Like Custom Motorized Luggage

10.30.17 5 months ago

Although going to the airport usually leads to some sort of adventure, the airport itself can be a stressful drag. Going through security, getting to where you’re supposed to be, and everything else that’s involved with getting on a plane is a lot to deal with, but Drake found a way to bring some fun to the situation: By riding his luggage through the airport.

An Instagram video shot by Drake’s friend and assistant Mark Robinson shows the two cruising through an airport on rideable luggage, and they’re going surprisingly unnoticed and ignored doing so. The motorized luggage appears to be a customized (peep the OVO owl graphic on Drake’s) Modobag, which has some impressive specs and can travel about 8 miles at 8 miles per hour on a single charge. If you want to speed through terminals like Drake, you’ll probably also have to earn like Drake, though: You can get a Modobag now, but it’ll cost you $1295.

Maybe Drake’s ride-on luggage was one of the gifts he got for his 31st birthday, which he celebrated a few days ago with a celebrity-packed “re-bar mitzvah” party. Whatever the case, watch Drake ride through an airport on a suitcase in the video above.

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