Drake’s Unreleased ‘SNL’ Skit, ‘Work Banter,’ Is Actually Pretty Good

06.28.16 3 years ago

One of the best things about Drake is that he’s multi-talented. In addition to singing, songwriting, and rapping, he’s a pretty good actor as well. Whenever he’s on SNL, as he was last month, even people who generally care nothing for the sketch comedy show will tune in to see Drake in his most natural element. As with a lot of sketch comedy shows, everything that’s recorded doesn’t always make it on-screen. One of the skits that didn’t make it — a bit titled “Work Banter” in which Drake works at a Kinko’s store — was recently released on YouTube.

Drake plays a new employee, Derek — which oddly sounds as if it’s pronounced D-rake — on his first day of work. Derek meets his fellow employees and tries to get a hang of the workplace culture. Hilarity ensues as Derek realizes his co-workers have their own lingo, catchphrases, and vernacular. Over the course of the four-minute sketch, Derek fails repeatedly when attempting to connect and his co-workers rake him over the coals for it.

There’s plenty of laughs to be had as Derek’s attempts to bond are consistently rebuffed. At one point during the sketch, he decides to start his own catchphrase — a move that doesn’t go over too well with the others. If you’re not allowed to watch YouTube in your office, it’s best you catch this on your phone while enjoying your lunch break. The laughs are guaranteed.

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