Drake Says He’s A Vegetarian Now, But PETA Wants Him To Go Vegan

03.19.18 1 year ago

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Drake has been in his share of publicized feuds in hip-hop. From Common to Joe Budden and most infamously Meek Mill, Drake has seen his beef count rise the further he ascended in the rap game. For his part, he’s handled himself well. But there’s one crew he probably doesn’t want any beef with – and ironically, neither do they. PETA, famous for ruining book signings, pressing Nintendo, and tossing red paint on furs, recently lauded Drake for his vegetarian lifestyle. Drake noted in his historic Fortnite Twitch stream that he’s a vegetarian, but he does enjoy pineapple pizza.

PETA wrote an open letter to Drake which started off friendly enough. They announced that they sent him a vegan gift basket – which naturally contained passionfruit. After the pleasantries were over, however, they reiterated a demand they’ve made before:

“Since you’ve made the great, kind, and forward-thinking choice not to eat animals, please, please, please, take one more step: Stop wearing them, and end October’s Very Own’s partnership with cruel company Canada Goose immediately.”

Drake has been partnering with Canada Goose for years, and recently unveiled a line last December (which included pink satin bombers). Who knows how he feels about the letter – or if he enjoyed the vegan basket. Maybe the extremist vegans who Waka Flocka called “the f*cking cops” will get their response via a one-liner on a future Drake record.

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