Earl Sweatshirt Returns From His Musical Hiatus With A New Single Called ‘Nowhere2go’

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Update: The Youtube link has been added below for US residents.

Earl Sweatshirt has returned from his musical hiatus with a brand new single called “Nowhere2go.” While it’s still awaiting its official US release, other regions can get an early listen below. While Earl has spent a relatively long time out of the spotlight, it’s a short, but sweet reminder of why so many fans have anxiously awaited his return.

Over a simple, soulful beat, Earl reminisces over his come-up with his trademark, serpentine flow. He also addressed his mental health, rhyming: “I spent most of my life depressed, only thing on my mind was death… I redefined myself.”

The former Odd Future standout has had an interesting go of his time in the rap game. Starting at just 15 years old, he and Tyler The Creator formed their rap supercrew and became one of the internet’s first true independent breakouts, with Earl’s debut Earl generating tremendous interest in the young upstart.

However, he was shipped off to a Samoan boarding school by his mother due to some trouble he got into with friends, and by the time he came back, appeared to have lost interest in collaborating with his old group. He dropped two more solo albums and an EP but hadn’t put out anything new since 2016, when he resurfaced just last week on Vince Staples’ new FM! and the announcement he’d be performing at Tyler’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. Now, with “Nowhere2go,” he gives fans hope that he’s truly back, and not going anywhere anytime soon.