Elle Varner Sparks Debate For Being Sick Of The ‘Slutty Feminist’ Times We’re Living In


Elle Varner got a nice refill of the hate on Twitter today for expressing her controversial two cents on women getting naked and call it feminism. The R&B songstress shared her thoughts on Instagram but quickly deleted her post, but not before it was screencapped, because this is the Internet.

“We have grown women out here promoting slut culture and validating their personal choices and actions behind phrases like ‘slut shaming,’ Varner boldly wrote. “If you want to be loose or provocative then be that!” Varner went on to question why women were promoting “slut culture” to susceptible young women, writing, “Do you really need to encourage young, innocent impressionable girls to wear shorter shorts and show their bra straps in school? These are the same women throwing around words like ‘feminism’ and ‘women’s empowerment.'”

Let’s be one hundred percent real here….call it birds and bees, human nature, whatever….but each gender was born with body parts arguably made for procreation and exchanging pleasures. The average girl will be of childbearing age at 14 and boys of the same age experience completely natural raging hormones! […] Does it really hurt to encourage them to dress for success, focus on their free education, and preserve their innocent a while longer?!?

Seeing as how the feminist/slut conversation is ripe for some online bickering, Elle’s thoughts sent her trending on Twitter, where a big debate on who’s right and who’s right ensued.