Eminem Battles The Social Media Monster In His Confessional ‘Fall’ Video

The Kamikaze rollout continues as Eminem releases the video for one of the surprise album’s most talked-about tracks, “Fall.” It’s clear from the lyrics that the less-than-friendly reception of Eminem’s 2017 album Revival got under his skin, but the video takes the social media backlash against that album even further by turning it into a literally social media monster that chases after Em as he tries to escape its nightmarish grasp.

The video opens with an irritated Eminem receiving a deluge of media alerts on his phone while Royce Da 5’9 urges him to ignore the incessant dings from his device. Unable to do so, Em takes a talk and encounters even more criticism on the screens of strangers’ tablets before a smoky substance pours of of the screen and forms a monster (that suspiciously resembles comic book antihero Venom, whose big-screen debut Eminem helped soundtrack with the closing track from Kamikaze) which chases Em into an office building. Eventually, Em stops running, letting the monster possess him before leaping from the window and literally falling to the ground below unscathed. The clip ends with the now-possessed rapper trampling a CD copy of his last album, signifying a return to the Slim Shady persona that defined the early part of his career.

Unfortunately for Eminem, it seems you can’t please everyone. His return to the troll-ish personality he started out with has already earned some backlash for some of the lyrics on this very track, while some of Eminem’s younger competition has clapped back against slights elsewhere on Kamikaze.