Flatbush Zombies Score A Shanghai Heist In ‘Trade-Off’

A group like Flatbush Zombies is always very concerned and focused on what their visuals look like. They’ve really never come up flat with a video. And on Friday, their sterling streak continues with the highly cinematic clip for “Trade-Off.” The latest single from their most recent album 3001: A Laced Odyssey finds the group absent from the actual visual, instead tricking the audience into thinking they’re present. But, in fact, it’s a Chinese duo who get away with robbing a convenience store and hit the town for 24 hours of madness.

So what do the two get up to in that span? Well, what are all the places you’d hit after getting a spontaneous (and possibly illegal) injection of cash flow? First things first, you must switch out your clothes — that’s just for maintaining a low profile. One of the girls flipped on a classic Yao Ming Houston Rockets jersey, which is a nice touch. Well, after that, you gotta eat, so they hit the crawfish spot immediately and crushed some mudbugs, sucking the head, of course. Then after that, you gotta hit the club and party it up. Shots on you, naturally. Ultimately, you’d probably drink all night until you do the walk of shame at dawn. That is, until you find yourself low on funds and back into the grips of criminal life.

It’s a rough one, the life of a robber, but they seem to be perfectly fine with it. Those two old Chinese ladies have probably seen some sh*t we could never imagine.