Watch Future And Kendrick Lamar Perform Their ‘Mask Off’ Remix Together For The First Time

“Mask Off” was already the biggest hit of Future’s career, no matter how hard that is to believe, and he went and tried to make it even bigger by throwing Kendrick Lamar onto the remix. It was a bold choice, and Kenny may have seemed like an odd mix but he did his usual scene-stealing Kendrick Lamar thing and the rest is history.

Well, when it was time for Future to perform at the BET Awards, he reached back and called in a favor, and there was Kenny as a surprise guest ripping through his verse from the remix, much to the crowd’s delight. The kinship between Kendrick and Future may have been formed at Coachella, when Future was one of the few guests to join K. Dot as he rocked the main stage on both weekends. Maybe it goes back further than that, but whatever the case is they’re clearly in cahoots now and the world is probably a better place for it.

The duo flashed their chemistry on stage as they were flanked by a dozen dancers, both giving each other plenty of room for their respective star power to shine. The surprise may have been spoiled a tad as word spread online beforehand, but it was still a nice addition to the show.