Google Donated $1.5M To Chance The Rapper’s SocialWorks Nonprofit, And Chance Couldn’t Be Happier

Chance The Rapper is a man of many hats — so much so that earlier this year we speculated which unlikely jobs he’d take on next. He’s a Grammy-winning musician — and a pretty funny comedian — but his biggest impact on the world comes from being a humanitarian the likes of which hip-hop has rarely seen. Whereas many MCs big up their city, Chance does his part to lift up his home city of Chicago — which is hurting for aid. Just yesterday he gave away free pairs of Jordan 11s as a gesture of goodwill at his #OpenMike event, but the giving doesn’t stop. Chance started a SocialWorks nonprofit which aims to help city youth thrive, and today the organization got a big-time donation from a little-known company called Google.

Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to announce that the tech giant offered a hefty $1,000,000 donation to Chicago Public Schools’ computer science programs. It was also revealed in a statement that $500,000 more will go to CPS’ CS4ALL initiative. The $1,000,000 will help SocialWorks fund 20 coding classes throughout Chicago’s beleaguered south and west sides. Coding is on a fast track to becoming the language of the future, and thanks to SocialWorks and Google, hundreds of kids in lower-income areas of Chicago will become fluent.