Gucci Mane Video Response To Clone Rumors As Rap Conspiracies Reach Peak Ridiculousness

Life Writer

“Now that Gucci’s home, it’s over for you Gucci clones” was the memorable line Guwop spit on Kanye’s “Champions,” but could the rapper himself be a clone of, well, himself?! Of course not! However, this is the Internet, where Jay Z is head of the Illuminati and Tupac was murdered for trying to buy NBC or something.

The #StayWoke faction of hip-hop is wondering whether or not the real Gucci Mane was killed in prison and replaced with a government clone for purposes of–your guess is as good as mine because it’s still unclear what purpose a Gucci Mane clone would serve. The rumors first surfaced when the Zone 6 Gawd came home from prison looking as fit as ever and seemingly without his famous ice cream cone face tattoo.

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