A Music Fan Stops And Thanks Iggy Azalea For ‘Ruining Hip-Hop’

Poor Iggy Azalea. Her album, Digital Distortion, is already being deemed a flop despite haven’t been released yet, her engagement and relationship with Swaggy P are over, and now the Aussie rapper is being blamed for the destruction of an entire music genre. Oh, when will the sun shine again?

The “Fancy” rapper thought she was spotted by a fan who wanted an autograph when she seemingly popped up at an airport recently. Too bad it was actually all part of an awkward ambush. “Are you Iggy Azalea?,” the male voice is heard in the depressing video posted on social media. Before Iggy can gush about still having supporters of her music, the male voice stuns her with, “Aww, I just wanted to thank you so much for ruining hip-hop.” Ouch.

At this point, Iggy could’ve engaged the man in a lively discussion about the rise and fall of a culture born out New York City inner-city streets that she uses to throw on a blaccent and raps incoherently, but, instead, the rapper just stands there stunned while the big meanie gleefully walks away with his bag of useless Internet points.

Iggy hasn’t commented on the clip, but her real fans have and they’re obviously not okay with the video.

It’s all fun and games until someone tells you your music sucks and makes you cry in your luxury car while on the way to your mansion.