While You Wait For Iggy Azalea’s ‘Digital Distortion,’ Here’s Some Topless Selfies


Earlier this year Iggy Azalea promised her fans her new album Digital Distortion would release on “June 30th or 31st,” but those days came and went without a new album or so much as a peep from Iggy. There are a million reasons why the album apparently was postponed, but the most likely seems to be that interest has simply waned as it pertains to Iggy and her music, as her big return single “Mo Bounce” came and went without moving the needle much. Iggy then took to Twitter to rant about the lack of support from Def Jam CEO Steve Bartels, which didn’t help her cause so here we are, three months after her supposed release date without a new album, or even a single, and with the tide of public perception turning on her more and more by the day.

But that’s not to say that Iggy doesn’t have her followers, as her Instagram account has over 10 million followers to go along with her nearly 8 million Twitter followers, so clearly there is still quite some interest in the 27-year-old.

While things have been slow on the music side, Iggy has taken to Instagram to steadily post pictures and allow fans to keep up with her. For whatever reason, this week she upped the ante and posted a few topless pictures, saying she was doing “top secret stuff with” L’Officiel Singapore, a luxury fashion magazine based in Singapore.

Some pundits would say the shoot and the idea of modeling is a sign of things to come for Iggy, and along with her topless shoot, she’s posted herself testing out the new Mercedes Maybach and flying in a fighter jet. Check out those moments below, and hopefully her busy schedule means the album will still be on its way soon.