Isaiah Rashad Deleted His Twitter Account After Sharing A Pair Of Cryptic Instagram Posts
Isaiah Rashad has gone MIA off of Twitter. Sometime this morning, The Sun’s Tirade rapper completely deleted that social media account. There’s been no word as to what cause him to scrub his presence from Twitter, but last night, he shared a pair of posts on Instagram that revealed he may be dealing with some personal issues at the moment.

The first one was a picture of himself with his head in his hands with a lengthy caption that read…

“Some ppl get hurt and decide they want to ruin our day. I woke up to some dumb sh*t. Ppl u trust will do sh*t u didn’t expect. Situations u thought u overcame will come to light. Ppl will use your kids, your experience, your life, sh*t,, even your joy to bring u down. But nah. F**k that. I’m working on my life and touring. I refuse to let some dumb sh*t make me feel f**ked up. I refuse. I refuse to let somebody rob me of my smile. F**k that. It’s still sunnyyy on this side. – jeep

In the second one, he posted up a shot of his kids.

“No one is going to steal my joy. I work for them. They deserve a better life than I had. And they wasn’t born into this world for them to feel how I did coming up. F**k anything else.”

We’ve reached out to his people for comment and will update this story with further developments.