Eminem And Jack White Cause Confusion On Jeopardy With Their Surprising Similarity

Maybe it was the Detroit reference that threw off the Jeopardy contestant in the clip above (captured by twitter user @ErikaNorton10) from last night’s episode. Maybe it was Em’s insistence on wearing that strange, chin-strappy beard for a few months that created a vague resemblance to Jack White in her mind. Perhaps she didn’t really look at the picture at all, or it didn’t register that the wide-brimmed fedora White usually rocks is a far cry from Em’s customary baseball caps. Whatever the reason, she missed a nearly surefire answer thanks to some surprising similarities between the two Motor City legends. In any case, Twitter loved it, with the #Jeopardy tag rapidly filling up with more user-shot videos and hilarious reactions to the musical gaffe.

For one thing, both have been involved in the resurgence of their hometown for quite some time. While Eminem hasn’t built a record pressing plant, he has appeared at Detroit Pistons games to hype up the crowd and opened a “Mom’s Spaghetti” pop-up to help promote his latest album, aside from the usual quiet acts of philanthropy and general “Detroit Vs. Everybody” hometown pride. Em has also dabbled in rock through the samples in his music, and even lobbied Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi to appear on the guitarist’s first solo album.

Jack White, meanwhile, has made his own first foray into rap music, via his Third Man record label after previously performing with rap icons like Nas. Third Man recently announced the signing of Queens, New York rapper Shirt, a move that may give White a little more cachet in the hip-hop arena — if not quite as much as Eminem. It’s almost surprising that for all of their many overlaps, the pair has yet to collaborate, but with both headlining Boston Calling’s 2018 lineup, they’ll have at least one opportunity to make the connection that none of us knew we wanted until right this moment.