Jay Z, Will Smith, Kevin Hart And More Confront Fatherhood In The Latest Episode Of ‘Footnotes’

Fatherhood has been a theme within Jay Z’s music for years in many different variations. Jay has discussed his disdain for his own father, his desire to be a father himself, then later the euphoria he feels now that he is a father and the strained relationship with his dad that he tried to repair before he passed. It’s been the slow development and maturation of a man, over the period of two decades and we’ve been able to hear it on the biggest stage possible as it’s happened.

Now, at 47, Jay has a new perspective on his father and fatherhood, and he’s sharing it with the world again in the latest episode of “Footnotes,” met to accompany the 4:44 bonus track dedicated to his dad “Adnis.” In the 10-minute mini-documentary, Jay discusses the gradual change in his feelings towards his dad as he came to learn more about him later in life. “All my songs up to this point have been about anger towards my dad,” Jay reflects. “As an adult looking back, I have a different perspective of it because of the facts.”

He speaks about how his dad married his mom young, altering his belief that his dad just abandoned his family young, and how that changed his entire perspective of his father and his willingness to help him later. Will Smith, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Jessie Williams and many others join in on the conversation, speaking on both their relationships with their dads, their own struggles as fathers and the complexity of it all.

As a whole, it’s just another incredible episode of the “Footnotes” series meant to accompany Jay’s already powerful album and worth every minute it’ll take to check it out.