Jay-Z And Beyonce Are Teaming Up For A Church-Dwelling ‘Family Feud’ Video, And Blue Ivy Is Involved Too

At this point, Jay-Z has released a video for just about every track on this year’s 4:44 album (including one of 2017’s best clips, for “The Story Of OJ”). Soon, he’ll be one step closer to having total visual accompaniment for the entirety of 4:44, since he just teased a new video for “Family Feud.”

A tweet from Tidal reports that the video will be released tomorrow (December 29th), and the 34-second teaser clip in that tweet shows Jay-Z in a confessional booth, walking up the aisles of a church with his daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce wearing a very tall hat, and a scene of intimate passion that ends in betrayal.

There have been rumors for years now that Beyonce and Jay-Z are working on a collaboration, and now it seems the idea of a joint effort between the husband and wife team is getting closer to reality. Last month, Jay-Z confirmed that an album by the two of them exists, saying:

“It happened — we were using our art almost like a therapy session. And we started making music together. And then the music she was making at that time was further along. So her album came out as opposed to the joint album that we were working on. Um, we still have a lot of that music.”

Watch the teaser above, and see where Jay-Z’s “The Story Of OJ” video falls in our list of the year’s best music videos, here.