Stream Part Two Of Jay-Z’s Lengthy Appearance On The Rap Radar Podcast

Just a week after dropping their first hour-long chat, the Rap Radar podcast is back again today with their second, hour-long chat with Jay-Z. If you’d like to either listen or watch, you can stream the entire thing over on Tidal now.

If this latest installment is anywhere near as confessional, as open or honest as the first part of their chat, Jay fans are certainly in for a treat. In part one, Jay talked touched on a variety of different topics, including his working relationship with No. ID., how he took inspiration from veterans like Prince and Bono about how to roll out a record later in your career, and the current status of his relationship to one-time friend and frequent collaborator Kanye West.

“You know it’s a problem because me and him would have been talked about it, been resolved our issues. And he knows crossed the line, he knows. And I know he knows. Cause we’ve never let this much space go between one of our disagreements and we’ve had many. That’s just who we are.

He’s an honest person and he’s wrong a lot of times. But, the point is — I was getting to a point where, ‘You got hurt by that.’ You can’t get diss somebody by saying you got hurt. That’s the softest diss of all-time. What are you talking about, you sucka ass n***a? You soft as sh*t! It’s not about a Kanye diss. I’m talking about me. When I say, “You dropped out of school, you lost your principals,” I’m not talking about Kanye. I’m talking about me. The whole thing.”

You can check out Jay’s latest conversation below.

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