Just Blaze Documents His Experience Being Pulled Over For Driving While Black

just blaze
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A black person being pulled over by the police is nothing new. Particularly, if you’re a black man in America, it’s not so much “if” you’re going to get pulled over but “when.” We can now add Just Blaze to the never-ending list of names wrongfully stopped by the boys in blue. Just recently used Periscope and Twitter to detail his brush with the law after cops saw him driving in his Lamborghini Huracan.

“As Just explains in an additional livestreamed video, the police officer stopped him while he was out in a Lamborghini Huracan and asked him, “Is your car legit?” before asking for his license and registration. “I don’t believe that we should turn a blind eye to somebody doing something wrong just because they’re a person of color,” Just says in the second Periscope.”

Blaze said he wasn’t looking for special treatment. He just wanted to be addressed as a person and not “a suspect off the bat.” For what it’s worth, they did try to make it up to him.

Just Blaze should be thankful. It could’ve been a lot worse.