The Ridiculous ‘Kanye West Clone’ Conspiracy Theory Is Heating Up

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Rap conspiracy theorists may have had it wrong with those Gucci Mane clone rumors, but could the Kanye West clone rumors be the real deal? Of course not, but let’s indulge them anyway.

Concerned fans seem to think the “old Kanye” is dead and that it’s an actual imposter who’s walking among us. Now before you go sucking your teeth, rap conspiracy theorists are citing Kanye’s recent behavior as proof that the guy who’s been in the news lately is a clone.

In the last two months, this “Kanye” has dissed his idols Jay Z and Beyonce, praised Donald Trump, canceled his sold-out tour, suffered a mental breakdown that landed him under a psychiatric hold, dyed his hair blonde and turned into a Trump-loving fanboy. Pretty suspicious behavior when you think about it, and when paired with the fact that we have technology to clone, this conspiracy theory doesn’t seem so far-fetched at all. Wake up, sheeple! The Illuminati is re–I’ve already said too much.

“I thought I was the only one thinking he no longer looked like he did pre all this bullsh*t, one woke fan stated on social media before ruling out drugs for Kanye’s behavior and look. “I’m sure he’s on the good sh*t, but drugs don’t make your face look oddly completely different. Like it looks like him, but at the same time, it doesn’t look sh*t like him.” Interesting.

Know who else suffered a “breakdown” and has been plagued with clone rumors since? Britney Spears. The truth is out there, sheeple.