Kanye Is Currently On A Strange Instagram Posting Spree

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Kanye West isn’t stunting the haters and their #KanyeIsOverParty Twitter trending topic. The controversial rapping producer is totally ignoring all the backlash suffered from Saturday night’s terrible, just god-awful Saint Pablo show and is instead focusing on littering your Instagram timeline with pictures of pictures taken with a potato. Okay, not an actual potato, but most definitely a 2001 camera flip phone.

Last September, Kanye joined Instagram and posted a screenshot from the 1990 movie, Total Recall. He’s been quiet since but appears to be making up for lost time with a crapton of blurry pics. In the span of just two hours, the “Father Stretch My Hands” rapper has uploaded 100 pictures on his official Instagram page. And they’re not even fun pictures like selfies with the family, or a random shot of an empty bottle of Henny. They’re grainy, low-res pictures of models in vintage clothes. That’s it. Obviously, paired with the pro-Donald Trump thing and the Beyonce-bashing thing, it’s prompting fans to wonder if Kanye has truly lost his everloving mind. I don’t know about all that, but there’s a reason for the posting spree. It’s all the work of 24-year-old “Fade” creative director of fabrication (??!!!), Eli Russell Linnetz.

Linnetz casually spilled the beans about Kanye’s bizarre Instagram spree on his own IG, writing, “new installation on @kanyewest.” The “installation” is really just pictures of vintage Maison Margiela lookbooks.

Peep a few below.

Who know what Kanye is trying to say with this “installation.” Or maybe he’s not saying anything at all and just felt like uploading old Maison Margiela pictures. If you can post memes and selfies on your Instagram all day, surely you can let Kanye rock for a couple of hours.

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