Kanye Is Reportedly Trying To Work On New Music While He’s In The Hospital

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For Kanye West, the need to create cannot be tampered, even while he’s hospitalized. According to a new report from Us Weekly, ‘Ye’s been itching to work on new music while he’s currently away and probably would, if wife Kim Kardashian would let him.

A source tells Us that “Kanye keeps wanting to work. At the hospital, he requested that recording equipment be brought to the hospital so he can record in his bed.” His urge to make new material isn’t limited to just music either. The report notes “he has kept asking to see sketches of his fashion lines.” Thankfully, Kardashian has been able to keep him away from work and staying with his recovery regimen.

West was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital on November 21 after he exhibited erratic behavior. Prior to that, he cut short his Saint Pablo tour after two very public meltdowns on stage that saw him praising Donald Trump, lashing out at industry friends and abruptly ending one performance after only performing three songs. The initial reports indicated the 39-year-old was suffering from extreme sleep deprivation, exhaustion, dehydration and temporary psychosis with numerous reports following in the days since speculating on his overall physical and mental health.

To longtime fans, the idea of Yeezy working from a hospital bed is nothing new. In fact, part of his early path to stardom was driven by “Through the Wire,” the song he created after suffering a serious car accident. He was able to “turn tragedy to triumph” then, so here’s to hoping Kanye can do it again. Once he gets some much needed rest and recovery first, of course.