Kanye West Calls Donald Trump ‘Inspiring’ In A ‘Ye Vs The People’ Behind The Scenes Video

Be careful what you ask for: The world has been waiting for new music from Kanye West for years now, and now that it’s finally come, it’s likely not what most fans were hoping for. First there was “Lift Yourself,” which lyrically consists solely of a riff on the word “poop.” Shortly after that came “Ye Vs The People,” which was infinitely more coherent, but saw Kanye furthering his pro-Donald Trump stance in a debate against T.I., who features on the track and fulfills the role of “The People” in the song’s narrative.

Now, Kanye has shared a behind the scenes video of what is presumably a songwriting session for the track, in which Kanye and T.I. sit in a room with a few other people and have a debate similar to the one featured on the song. During the conversation, Kanye talks about his him wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat was a productive disruption, saying:

“Me putting the hat on forces an evolution, because there’s, even for me, I know so much more in the past three days, because I’m getting this energy, positive or negative, agreeing with me, disagreeing with me. That like sharpens the diamond, our mind, our consciousness, the way we’re thinking. Just breaking some shit.”

Speaking more directly about Trump, Kanye says that he doesn’t agree with “half the shit Trump does,” but goes on to say that “the most inspiring thing” about the president is “the ability to do what no one said you could do, to do the impossible.”

Watch the video above.