Kanye West Is Apparently Out In The Wilderness Of Wyoming Working On His New Album

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Yeezy stans rejoice! While he hasn’t been seen out in public that often in recent months, it appears at least, that’s because Kanye West is hard at work creating new music. According to TMZ, Kanye decided to retreat from the intense glare of Los Angeles, and picked a retreat high up on the top of a mountain in the least populous state in the U.S., Wyoming to write and record. Apparently, he’s been there for about a week, and went there to work a couple of weeks back as well.

Kanye has definitely gone off the grid in recent weeks. He’s scrubbed his presence from social media, and has even abstained from attending high profile events, like the Met Gala with his wife Kim Kardashian. Many people took those moves to mean that he’s suffered some kind of setback on his road to recovery, following his very public meltdown during his Saint Pablo tour last year, but sources have told TMZ, that the latest round of disappearance has everything to do with creating new music.

While Wyoming is probably one of the last places you might expect to find a mega-rap star like Kanye, he has a habit of working on his albums in relative seclusion in eyebrow-raising locales. Hawaii is a favorite. He’s returned there multiple times, most famously while working on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

What do you think? Does Kanye have another classic left in him?

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