An Engineer Who Worked On ‘Yandhi’ Said Kanye West’s Forthcoming Project Is About ‘Women Empowerment’

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Back in November, Kanye kept the music world waiting. The Grammy-winning artist was expected to release new music. The weeks prior were filled with much fanfare — Instagram posts, tweets, billboards around the world promoting Yandhi, his ninth, solo studio album. The album never arrived and by the middle of the month, however, it appeared the project had been delayed indefinitely.

On Friday, we received some new information regarding the project. Appearing on the YouTube interview series The Lunch Table, recording engineer Kevin Celik spoke about working on the project, the new thematic territory West covers on the record, and a few guest appearances that we can expect.

Celik worked on three songs on the project. According to the engineer Yandhi is inspired by “women empowerment.”

“(It’s) go get your own bag type shit,” Celik said. “It’s dope.”

Celik also revealed that one of the tracks he worked on features a few prominent guests. According to him, Yandhi will include a song called “New Body” that sports contributions from Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign.

Last fall, it was rumored that West’s ongoing lawsuit against Def Jam may have played a part in the artist delaying the release of the album. As we reported yesterday, since then, the legal situation between West and EMI has only gotten stickier. Which means those excited to hear these new songs may have to wait a little longer.