Kehlani Calls Herself A ‘Beautiful Wreck’ In Her Stripped-Down New Single, ‘Honey’

Kehlani says, “I like my girls just like I like my honey/ Sweet, a little selfish,” on her new single, “Honey,” praising “all the pretty girls in the world” in the soulful, acoustic pop jam. Over a mellow, simple guitar loop, she expresses both insecurity and fragile confidence, calling herself a “beautiful wreck” and “a colorful mess,” but concedes that’s she also funny.

“Honey” is the first new song the Oakland singer has released since SweetSexySavage earlier this year, containing many of the same themes that shoot through the majority of her music. Relating tales of relationship woes has made her a “heartbreak vet,” but there’s still a core of confidence and optimism behind the sunny production and lushly arranged vocals here.

It’s too nice to be considered a direct response to PartyNextDoor’s “Own Up To Your Sh*t,” but that could be Kehlani’s advantage; by taking the moral high ground, she makes Party look like a jerk while saving her energy for more personally uplifting projects.

No announcement on a full project has been made as yet, but SweetSexySavage barely had any lead time before releasing in January of this year, and Kehlani’s generally pretty low-key about album promo in the first place. For now, you can enjoy “Honey” below.