Stream Kendrick Lamar’s New Album ‘DAMN.’

Though it arrived a week after the April 7 date that we had all hoped for, Kendrick Lamar’s new album DAMN. is finally here. K. Dot has kept the entire rap community on its toes this last month revealing different little tidbits related to the project. First there was the song “The Heart Part 4,” where he declared himself to be the greatest rapper a live. The came the video and single “Humble,” which sparked its own outcry.

After that Kenny took to Twitter where he revealed the name of the album as well as the cover, which became meme-d to high heavens. The track list also got tongues wagging when people discovered that he had managed to land a feature part from one of the biggest bands on planet Earth, U2. Then, on Thursday morning, while everyone was going about their day, music’s greatest A&R man LeBron James decided to take to Instagram and share unreleased clips of music from DAMN. in tantalizing, 15-second increments. He knew a lot of the words too, so you know he had to have had the album for a minute. It pays to be The King.

All of that is history now. DAMN. is finally here and with it, Kendrick’s latest claim on the title of best rapper on the planet. Those are Vince Staples’ words, not mine by the way.

You can purchase it on iTunes or stream it on Apple Music below.

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