Kendrick Lamar Bans Professional Photographers From His Upcoming Shows, But Not Phones

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Update: Although reports from this weekend noted that Kendrick Lamar would be banning phones from his upcoming shows, a Lamar rep has told Pitchfork Monday morning that this is not true and phones will be allowed. Professional photographers are still not welcome, though, but “Top Dawg Entertainment will provide images to media outlets as needed.”

As your friends’ Snapchat posts prove, people love using their phones at concerts, but the people on stage aren’t as into it. There’s a history of musicians banning phones, or at least discouraging them, at their shows: Jack White is the most notable act to do it recently, saying, “We think you’ll enjoy looking up from your gadgets for a little while and experience music and our shared love of it IN PERSON.”

Kendrick Lamar seems to agree with that sentiment, because he’s the latest musician to prohibit phones from his concerts. As The Guardian reports, not only is he banning phones during the European stretch of his tour that recently kicked off in Ireland, but he’s “not even letting professional photographers into the auditorium for this leg of his tour.” The Guardian also notes that while Lamar’s management allowed photographers into his North American dates, this new ban is “an attempt to protect his valuable ‘brand’ and ensure the appetite for tickets remains keen.”

It’s not clear whether or not Lamar will enforce the ban through the use of Yondr, a venue-supplied phone pouch that stops fans from using their device during the show, the same technology that has been used by White and Dave Chappelle, although it seems likely.

Lamar also took a minute this weekend to thank everybody involved with the Black Panther soundtrack, writing on Twitter, “Respect to all the artist/producers that allowed me to execute a sound for the soundtrack. The concept of producing and composing a project other than my own has always been ideal. I appreciate the experience love ones. Continue to be great.”